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About The School

Victorious Education Services (VES) is a truly happy place to be; fine and conducive environment, friendly and loving peers, caring teachers and much more.

Many of our pupils join in the Nursery, and can spend over 10 years as part of our family, learning, playing and supporting one another. Even those that join later will all appreciate the special atmosphere of the school. At the heart of VES is our emphasis on supporting and valuing the individual pupil, sensitively monitoring their progress, and delighting in the contribution they make to the life of the school.

Founded in 1999, VES has developed into one of the leading learning centres in Uganda. We are committed to the achievement of high academic standards, harnessing the best of modern educational practice. On top of the academic, we encourage and nurture character development  through self-discipline and creating in a child a desire to contribute to society. At VES we believe that a highly learnt citizen without character will not make a positive contribution to his nation but instead may out of selfish ambition use his intelligence against the nation's prosperity.

Music, sport and drama are a significant part of a child's life at VES. Pupils are encouraged to participate, to show commitment and to try different things giving them opportunity to enjoy themselves, explore their hidden talents and develop them as well.

Our partnership with parents has been of great importance and through working together, we have been able to support the children both morally and spiritually, so that they approach their teenage years intellectually and morally prepared to become the men and women that will add value to community and live meaningful lives.

Back ground

Victorious Education Services (VES) started as a humble day care centre and kindergarten in 1999.  It has continually expanded to provide primary school education.  VES’ main premises are located on Plot 15, Namirembe Road.  The second campus, which hosts another kindergarten and the primary, is located at Bakuli village in Rubaga Division of Kampala District

Our Purpose

VES is a God fearing institution that is dedicated to train a Wholesome Person.  Our purpose gives shape to everything we think, guides us in every word we share and inspires every activity we undertake.  By this, we seek valuable insights, share useful messages and are careful to do what is meant for us in order to fulfil the vision before us, the mission we are pursuing and the objectives we hope to realize.  The core values provide us with a foundation of maintaining critical disciplines we need to fulfill the purpose as reflected in the vision, mission statement, objectives.

The school today

The school is one of the mordern and model institutions in the city and country. Victorious Kindergarten with classes; Alpha class, Pre-Primary level.

Victorious Primary is a mordern primary school with classes from primary one to primary seven. A mordern classroom block has been constructed at the Divine Campus about 30 meters away from Victorious Primary School.